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Zelo Keratin On Natural “Black Hair” Before and After Results

Since Zelo’s airing on HSN this monday, ladies of color have been asking us one thing: “That girl doing her Happy Dance and whipping her hair back and forth, how do I get that?”

No doubt, keratin has been one of the best kept secrets for African American hair, and with that comes a lot of questions. Is it like a relaxer? Is it permanent? What will it do for my natural, afro, relaxed, mixed, curly, or kinky texture? As an African American myself who is transitioning from relaxed to natural and also has about 5 different textures of hair on her head (lol), I’m going to do my best to address these question/concerns right now.

1. Is Zelo Keratin Treatment similar to a relaxer?

Nope. In short, a relaxer changes the hair chemistry permanently. To use our brand ambassador’s words, “your hair is a road and keratin fills in all the potholes. Those potholes are weak bonds caused by chemical treatments.” Keratin fills it in and then smooths the hair out when sealed with heat, making your hair smooth and straighter from the inside out for up to 3 months. It doesn’t “grow out”. Keratin will naturally fade from your hair with time and washes. Explore Zelo Keratin Here.

2. Will it work on Natural Hair? What about Afro Hair?

Yes! Our hair is so diverse in texture that I can’t say everyone will have the same end result. Some girls have thinner hair that looks relaxed after Zelo and some with coarser hair (Like mine!) find their hair straighter and smoother with a bit more volume than with a relaxer.

3. How Long Does a Keratin Treatment with Zelo Last?

Keratin is a progressive treatment. That means it last longer and longer and looks straighter the more you do it; provided you’re not letting it wear off each time. For natural hair I prescribe reapplying four weeks after the first treatment.

Keep in mind a keratin is only as good as your aftercare. Shampoos with Sodium Lauryl (Sulfates) and Salt strip the keratin right out of your hair. Many natural ladies are already Co-Washing (washing with conditioner) because they know shampoos that sud are bad for the hair. Prolonging the keratin means using salt/sulfate free shampoos and conditioners.

4. Can I use Zelo Keratin Over Relaxed Hair?

Sure can. In fact, Zelo works BEST over processed hair because unlike strong natural strands, processed strands have more weak bonds for keratin to fill in. The results over relaxed hair looks amazingly silky that I would recommend keratin for anyone missing the movement, shine, and bounce in their relexed locks. The keratin will both fortify your hair and extend the results of the perm. Zelo your hair AFTER you’ve relaxed it.

5. Can I Curl My Hair after using Zelo

Yes. Your hair will not resists a curling iron or roller after the treatment. You can curl it, do a twist-out or whatever style you like.

6. Will it Damage My Hair?

Zelo has absolutely no formaldehyde, a keratin additive that usually damages the hair. So the results wont be as drastically straight as formaldehyde keratin treatments. Instead your hair will be healthier, fortified by the protein, and smoother.

Have more questions? Call us toll free 1-800-890-8893 or live chat with us at https://zelocare.com/contact.htm or talk to us on Facebook. We’re always available in some capacity to talk with you so, customers, don’t feel like you’ll mess up and have to do it alone.

Our Keratin Treatment and After Care is available at our Website.

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