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I am always dreaming about bizarre things to do with my appearance – especially my hair. Of course, once you do something drastic to your look, it’s pretty much impossible to turn back time on your decision.

Thankfully we live in a completely computerized world, and to our rescue is (drumroll please) the virtual makeover!

Let’s get real, most of these free online makeover programs really stink. They give you about 10 prefabricated hairstyles to choose from and that’s it. The best one online that I have found is the Virtual Makeover at It allows you to easily use your own picture, custom outline important details, and even change the color of your own hair. Plus, it’s totally free and takes seconds to create an account.

Check out these screen shots of my virtual makeover experience.

Once you create your account, you are directed to trace your face, hairline eyes, lips, and eyebrows. Usually this kind of program technique never works well, but the way you can pull the dots around and customize the lines to perfection in this program makes it easy. For once, the lipstick color I select won’t be somewhere on my cheekbone.

Next, the fun part. Today I really wanted to look at different hair colors, since I’ve been natural for awhile now. The following experiments are a bit drastic for reality but just look at how well this program works!

I traced my hair outline:

And then got to see what I’d look like as blonde:

Not bad, but I don’t know if I’m going platinum for ahwile. But how about a Katy Perry look instead?

Maybe not. However, I hope you can get an idea of how fun this program is. Not only can you change your hair color, you can try on celebrity hairstyles, makeup, accessories, and other effects, plus you can save all of your styles in your My Makeovers file. Definitely a site to check out. Happy Makeover!

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