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Everyone knows female villains have the most glam appeal. We love them, but we love their sultry, dangerous, and sometimes flamboyant style even more. In honor of award season, let’s give out fictional awards to the top 5 villain hairstyles on screen.

5. Regina George < em>Mean Girls (2004)

Rachel MacAdams has got to be the most lovable brunette since Sandra Bullock. But, before she was sweet, she was the tart, queen bee in Mean Girls. Her pin-straight, blonde hair and calculating stare gave us chills, but we couldn’t help but envy her. Who doesn’t love quoting all her Regina-isms?

4. Cat Woman Batman  (1967-68)

Cross breed a Snookie bump with a french braid and add in some kitten ears and you have the purrrfect deviant hairdo, Eartha Kitt rocked this voluminous do in the late 60’s as Catwoman, making her one of the sexiest screen villians to date! Anne Hathaway sure has some big paws to fill.

3. May Day in James Bond: A View to a Kill (1985)

If her character hadn’t had a change of heart and reformed her bad girl ways, Grace Jones’ May Day would be #1 on this list. Her androgynous high-top fade and loud fashion was the pique of 80’s dopeness. Singers like Janelle Monae and Rihanna are just of few of many who have borrowed her oh so sexy yet tomboyish hairstyle.

2. Nefretiri in The Ten Commandments (I956)

Years before Elizabeth Taylor donned that iconic bob and bang, Anne Baxter perfected it, playing Nefretiri, the “O.G.” of female villainy. Not only is she the original femme fetale, her stunning signature short cut bangs and bob are one of the most memorable hairdos in film.

1. Cruella Devile 101&n bsp;Dalmatians (1961)

Say what you will about her, but Cruella Devile had STYLE. With her over-the-top glam and her PETA-worthy obsession with fur, she’s definitely a formidable Disney foe. Her half salt, half pepper hairdo remains of the most iconic villain hairstyles to date.

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