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I feel like all too often we hear a breaking news report on how things we believe to be healthy for us really aren’t. No matter what we do day-to-day, harm seems unavoidable, doesn’t it? Even doing “good” can end up bad. Well, the positive news is making your hair look beautiful does not have to go hand in hand with damaging your luscious locks.

Like most things, awareness is key to ensuring that what you put your hair through everyday is keeping it healthy, not causing harm.


It’s no mystery that our hot styling tools cause our hair damage. Most of our curling irons, hair dryers, and straighteners reach temperatures of over 400 degrees – and the horrible part is, we need them to in order to tame our tresses! You think I am ever giving up my hair straightener?
Think again.

However, high heat burns your hair. Plain and simple. It’s going to dry your hair out, making it more prone to the frizzes, breakage, and split ends.

The thing about heat, however, is that we need to protect our hair from it if we can’t do anything to eliminate it from our lives – and it is so easy to do so. First, make sure your hair is completely dry when you use hot tools on it – sizzling the H2O off your hair is only going to make things worse. Second, use the lowest settings you can on your irons and blow dryers (without sacrificing functionality, of course). Third, use a heat protectant spray before straightening and curling to cut down on damage.


I just read an article talking about natural ways to lighten your hair and cringed when I found people STILL think it’s okay to dowse their hair in lemon juice and “naturally” highlight their hair, and that it’s safer than chemically lightening. The thing is, you are damaging your hair just as much doing that as you are bleaching your hair. UV rays are just as harsh on your hair as they are on your skin – we just have no feeling in our strands, so we have no idea it’s happening.

Not only should you not dowse your hair in lemon juice and burn your poor hair to crisp (for the same reason we don’t dowse our skin in baby oil and lay out by the pool), but you should protect your hair from the sun all the time. Sunscreens for your hair are everywhere – check out our post from earlier this summer on the best methods of sun protection. It’s SO easy to protect your hair from the sun – most of us just don’t consider it a need.


Here is another area of hair damage that most of us aren’t willing to avoid. Whether you like changing it up, enjoy highlights, or want to cover up greys, it’s highly unlikely we are ALL going to ditch coloring our hair. However, just like hair that is damaged with heat or sunlight, your locks will be much more prone to frizz and breakage.

If you do dye your hair consistently, keep in mind you should wait as long as possible in between all over colorings as you can take, at least 8 weeks. Get root touch up to make a dye job last longer. Also, go to a salon to get your hair done so you can ensure you are putting high quality dye in your hair. Not all hair colors are made equal.

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