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Dianna Argon, known as Quinn on the hit TV show Glee, recently chopped her hair in a sexy little bob U.S. Weekly quotes her hairstylist as calling the “shab”.

I gotta say, at first I was a little put out that she cut her gorgeous, long blonde cheerleader hair that seals the deal of her character in Glee as being the perfectly primped popular girl – but this new “shab” is absolutely fab.

Before the chop – a younger Dianna Argon walking the red carpet with long blonde locks with face framing bangs.

And now – a sexy tousled cropped look with side-swooped bangs.

I think this new style makes her look ten time more mature – and just look at the confidence she exudes in her most recent photog moments while sporting her edgy new look!

What do you think – do you agree that the cut was a good move, or should she have hung onto the safe, young styled long blonde hair?

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