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We are now closing in on the end of the first week of October. Did you know that in addition to be my favorite month of the year, and also the month of the greatest holiday ever, Halloween, that October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Yes, October just got even greater! I didn’t think it was possible either.

In addition to all of your favorite products coming out with pink versions of themselves (I do believe I even bought a pink Britta water filter around this time last year, how can you resist, really), us beauty and hair crazed gals can indulge in pink in another way. Streak for Cancer is a fun way to show your support for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

By becoming either a participating salon that will host “streaking” events, or by getting “streaked” yourself, you will be raising awareness and funds for the cure. Streak for Cancer involves adorning your hair with pink tinsel streaks, which are chemical free and can be washed, blow dried, and styled just like your normal hair. What a fun way to show your support, and kid friendly!

To find out more, visit Streakforcancer.or g to find an event near your or if you are a hairdresser, to find out how to become a participating salon! Also, visit them on Face book or follow them on Twitter.

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