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Inner beauty feeds to your outer beauty – it’s an undeniable fact that no matter how much we primp our hair, smear on makeup, paint and repaint our nails… if our emotions are in a bad state, it shows. Whether we are young or old, in high school or driving a high schooler to the bus every morning, we have to deal with bullies in one form or another. These are the people who get us down on ourselves and let us believe that we aren’t good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough, and ever since bullying has become a hot button issue in schools, people have begun feverishly standing up to bullies young and old and putting a stop to bringing down others.

“Don’t wait for people to be friendly, show them how.”

“Stand up for whats right, even if you stand alone.”

These are just a few of the many positive quotes posted on the Facebook wall wall of Secret’s “Mean Stinks” campaign, an interactive social media force dedicated to spreading positive, kind words among – well, anyone and everyone.

Just take a peek at their Facebook, and you’ll find encouraging words, swapping of stories, calls for help, inspirational quotes, and more from the over 250,000 fans of the page.

Secret has also created a Facebook app where you can create and send “Good Graffiti” with the click of a button.

“It’s time to stop standing by, & start standing up to what stinks”

So true, Secret. To find out more on how to get more involved in this campaign, visit the Mean Stinks Facebook page – because beauty isn’t just about beautiful hair, the best mascara, or designer jeans.

It’s about what’s inside as well.

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