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I wasn’t planning on watching a Santino-free all-star episode of Project Runway but my other all-time favorites, Mondo Guerra and the hilarious Anthony Williams, got me to give in. And boy did I miss my Tim Gun and Heidi Klum! Though I must say the new mentor Joanna Coles, Editor in Cheif of Marie Claire, makes me feel like I’m watching a more friendlier version of the Devil Wears Prada. The new judges were funny but, It doesn’t matter how much I love buying his stuff at Target, Isaac Mizrahi is just NO Michael Kors!

I couldn’t help but notice that the hottest trend on the runway among the seasoned designers was the slicked back ponytail. Personally that’s always my go to choice when I’m feeling fashion forward. It looks clean and simple and it doesn’t detract from the clothes! You want people to check the shoes and the outfit first! Too much of a hair style can make a fashionable look tacky almost instantly. Too bad designer Elisa Jimenez learned that the hard way when she landed in the bottom two.

There are definitely lots ways to add more fun to simple sleek ponytail. My favorite look is the rope braid ponytail. It’s extremely easy to do and perfect for girls with thicker hair.

One of my fav tutorials from It’s Judy Time:

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