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I would like to bring your attention to the best thing since sliced bread.

Goody really re-invented the wheel with their Spin Pin, and at first I was skeptical. However, after reading rave review after rave review, I finally picked up a pack. The verdict? Instant obsession.

The ones I purchased were actually the mini-sized spin pins that come in a set of 3. I have fine hair and don’t really require the larger spin pin. Plus, I figured they’d be a little more versatile for half-up styles…Although after my experience with these little buggers, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist buying the full sized double-set as well.

I started with using them to secure a twisted bun: no rubber band, just spin pins. While I used all three mini-sized pins for a low bun, I’m sure most probably only need one large one. I have a lot of slippery layers so it was useful to have all three of the mini-sized ones, twisted inwards at intervals like spokes on a wheel. This is the first time in my life I feel happy with a bun only done up in hair pins – hours later my style is still intact with no sign of letting up.

If you haven’t made the purchase yet – do it. Although they are a little more costly than your typical 100-pack of hair pins (6.49 at Walgreens for either two large or three mini-sized pins), they are definitely more bang for your buck. They are easy to use, don’t bend when faced with thick hair or tangled situations, and twist through your hair with ease. Plus, they stay put!!

Here are a few hairstyles I tried out, with descriptions of what I used to create them:

Low Bun: 3 Mini-sized Goody Spin Pins

High Bun: 1 hair band to secure back hair before twisting into bun, 3 Mini-sized Goody Spin Pins

Twisted Half-Up: 1 Mini-sized Goody Spin Pin How-to: Gather hair from either side of your hair, twisting slightly as you draw it back. Wrap these twisted strands around one another a few times. Holding the resulting twist against the head, spin a Spin Pin up the underside of the twist to secure.

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