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One hairstyle that never seems to go out of vogue is the bun. Whether you prefer it low, high, to the side, or somewhere in between, when all other styles have failed, you always have that safe harbor. However, we all know how easy it is to have a bun make you look like you’ve just gotten home from the gym rather than put together.

Here to the rescue is the undone bun – always hot, always cute, and always Poof- Proof.

Scarlett Johansson wears the undone bun with a little bit of poof in the front (the good kind, of course). Photo courtesy of Handbag.com

I can’t remember a time in the past decade that this hair style wasn’t cropping up everywhere labeled as a “trend”, which is great for all of us whether we’re hair stylists or not – because it is SO easy to do!

All you need is a little technique to make a bun look laid back rather than uptight, and I’m here to lend you a few pointers on achieving a loose, I-just-threw-this-together-in- five-minutes-but-look-amazing undone bun.

Wait, that isn’t a celeb! Nope, just me in my office with my two lifesavers: the undone bun and coffee.

1. Do the twist

Many of us have abandoned the “ballerina” technique, but this is the best way to achieve a messy undone bun. Don’t twist it too tightly, though, and let your layers fall out as they want for a wispy, natural look.

2. Let Loose

The undone bun never looks good if your hair is pulled against your scalp too tightly. To achieve this, try leaving your part in your hair instead of sweeping all your hair back perfectly. Or, slide the end of a comb or even a pencil under your pulled back strands and tug to add some slack. Also, check out pointer number three…

3. Start with Hair Pins

Most say to start with a hair tie and then finish off the look with bobby pins, but I have always done the opposite, so if the traditional route isn’t working for you, try this instead. When I’m trying to achieve a messy look, I always start with one or two bobby pins, and then wrap a hair tie around the already slightly secured bun. I know I can never rely on bobby pins alone to hold in place for very long plus if I start this do with a hair tie, my hair gets pulled back too tight.

4. Style with Dry Hair

Wet hair is typically too slippery to achieve an effortlessly messy look, so let your tresses dry out before tackling this style. Dry hair will also be easier to sweep back without looking too tight against your scalp.

5. Go Natural

If you start this style with your hair in the most natural state possible, the less frizziness it can achieve throughout the day, right? Also, a messy bun is more difficult to achieve if you’ve already straightened your hair before the process. Wait until your bun is complete before either straightening or curling any ends that look unkempt or face framing layers that need some attention.

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