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I love little ways to jazz up ponytails – and here is a great one. If you know how to do a fishtail braid, this is easy to create.

In this tutorial, I pull back half the hair first, start my fishtail braid, and then tie it off at the top of the neck for a sleek ponytail look. However, if you play around with this, you can loosen it up, making your crisscrosses more dramatic for a more casual ‘do. Read through our tutorial and try it out for yourself!

Step One: Tie back even sections of hair from each side. This is where your braided portion will begin.

Step Two: From both sides, separate out two inch-thick sections from behind each ear.

Step Three: Divide your rubber banded pulled back section into two even sections. Criss cross your inch-thick strands, and add the strands to the opposite divide in the pulled back section, as you would when you start a fishtail braid.

Step Four: Repeat this process about four or five times, taking inch-thick sections from each side and crisscrossing them, continuing to fishtail braid downwards. Tip: Braid a little further down than you actually want it to be in the end. Fishtail braids easily come undone when you secure them.

Step Five: Now, pull all your hair back into a ponytail right at the base of your scalp. Tip: if you find your braid undoes itself, secure it separately before combining it with the rest of your hair. Once you pull all your hair back, then remove the band securing the braid for a consistent look without having your braid come undone!

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