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Manhattan is one of the most fabulously fashionable cities I have ever seen, and I’ve seen my fair share of fashionable cities. Whether it’s Harlem with it’s eclectic styles and kinky twists, the indie styles of the lower east side, or the sleek and coiffed ladies of the Upper East Side, New Yorkers are always dressed to impress. This Zelo blogger got to take to the streets of New York City this week, and, like the ladies of Paris wearing their hair in top knots and messy chignon’s, New Yorkers are braving the chill in these easy breezy up-dos as well.

The fashionable Manhattan-ites wear their hair in sleek buns, like the street chic lady in the photo above, and messy chignons atop their heads. It’s a convenient do for the busy woman on the run, keeping the hair in place in the frigid wind and ultra drying weather. And, as our Parisian blogger demonstrated in her tutorial, it’s very quick and easy to do.

A loose knot is also a great trick for achieving this slightly glam/slightly unkempt look. When in doubt, just brush all your hair to the back as if you were forming a low pony-tail and twist it around together with your hand in a circle. Throw in a few bobby-pins to keep it in place, and you’re ready to go.

Uptown Ladies on 5th Avenue

The ultra street chic show off just how little they are affected by the frigid winds by proudly displaying their long, glossy tresses. These daring uptown ladies strut 5th Avenue with their hair down and whipping in their faces. From a South Florida perspective, this amazes me. The wind in Manhattan is so vigorously unrelenting and frigid, I wasn’t sure how their hair could withstand the damaging and drying weather. But then I realized the almighty power of hair gloss!

Courtesy of Zelo Velvet Gloss

To protect your hair from the damaging winter weather, and to keep it looking moist and healthy, apply a small dab of Velvet gloss before going out. Gloss goes a long way in this weather. Believe me; otherwise your hair will end up looking frayed and brittle. I wore my hair down most of the time and it was looking sleek and fabulous.

Last tips for looking glam in the Winter months: Keep you hair conditioned and healthy–especially the ends! Make sure those ends don’t get dry and brittle. Use a conditioner with emollients and keep your hair moist in the windy weather.

Cheers from NYC!

This Zelo Blogger wishes you a Happy Holidays from NYC

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