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How to Rule Your Hair (Like a Boss)

It’s true there are are some things in life you just can’t control. Guess what, you hair is no longer one of those things! Control Plus 12-in-1 Spray is our latest product designed to give you TOTAL CONTROL of your hair every single day.

CONTROL PLUS targets the hair after it’s been freshly washed. To use, towel dry your hair and spray CONTROL, blow-dry and style as usual. The protein and moisture rich formula provides a completely flawless hair day, every time.

CONTROL PLUS 12-in-1 Spray Provides:

  • Frizz Control
  • Damage Repair
  • Breakage Control
  • Shine
  • Moisture
  • Strength
  • Manageability
  • Color Extender
  • Humidity Shield
  • Thermal Protection
  • UV Protection
  • Keratin Enhancer

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