Hair Trends: Side Swept Sleek Curls Leave a comment

Some are calling this hair style the “faux side ponytail”, but any way you slice it, this look is all over the red carpet and there’s no question as to why.

An easy look to create and perfect for a black tie affair, these swept aside, over the shoulder curls are what’s it this year.

I’ve seen a few ways to make this look happen. The first is just to simply curl your hair in loose waves and throw your locks over one shoulder.

However, if you find this is too haphazard for your taste and you want to ensure your hair stays to one side, we’ve found another tutorial at Daily Candy that might work for you. They show how you can twist your hair over, pin it, and curl the ends to create a perfectly secured side sweep.

The trick to this is how you curl – you don’t want rigid, tight, tiny ringlets.

Add some texturizing gel to your hair before you start, and wrap your hair around the outside of the barrel to curl (using a curling iron without a clip is ideal for this), giving your hair loose waves. Spritz with a coat of hairspray and you’re set for any outing.

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