Hair Trends: Is The Center Part Back? Leave a comment

For some reason, I have always found trends regarding where women part their hair very interesting. It’s subtle, but it is a detail that can really make a difference in how a hair style looks. In my opinion, face shape and hair type have everything to do with whether or not a part is fab or a flop, and right now we are luckily in a decade where almost all hair parts are acceptable and stylish.

Recently, however, I have noticed the center part really coming back in full force, and depending on the hairstyle that goes hand in hand with the center part, it can appear to hail from the 70s, 80s, or even 90s trends with a modern look.

Nicole Richie gently parts her bangs down the middle for a modern look with retro flair. Photo source:

Vanessa Hudgens splits her layered curls down the middle, allowing her bangs to blend in for a vintage 70’s-esque style. Photo Source:

Gwyneth Paltrow sports sleek, straight, central parted locks in a way that is classic and timeless. Photo Courtesy of: © Eamonn McCormack,

What do you think, is the center part coming back or is it time for it to return to decades past?

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