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When I first saw girls wearing feathers in their hair, I honestly thought it was a fancy dye job, but much to my surprise, no – they were actually extensions! Even though I have embraced wearing feather headbands, feather earrings, and feather necklaces, it still took me a little while to warm up to this style, but the more I have seen it, the more I LOVE it. This trend is is full swing right now. It’s like Pocahontas meets boho chic meets punk rock. So cute.

Jennifer Love Hewitt seen wearing long feather extensions entwined in curled locks for a subtle, casual look. Photo Courtesy of Celeb Salon

Depending on the color and shape of the feather you chose, you can use these extensions to compliment a range of outfits no matter what your style preferences are.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s look is great for every day, while Hilary Duff is seen with wider plumes in her hair in a more formal setting.

Hilary Duff showing off her new style at the Global Action Forum Gala in Beverly Hills. Photo Courtesy of Celeb Salon

You don’t need to spend tons to get this look, either. Since this style is so hot right now, you can find the right feathers (real or fake, whichever you prefer) almost anywhere.

Check out this great tutorial on how to get the look for yourself:

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