Hair Trends: Dyeing Your Hair Neon… Conservatively? Leave a comment

When Rihanna went shocking red with her hair color, it seemed a little daring – but yes, she’s a music icon, and she’s allowed to do whatever she wants with her hair. When Lauren Conrad decided to go bold with a little color experimentation these past few weeks, we all had a double-take.

It begs the question – is crazy colored hair not so crazy after all?

This New York Times Fashion & Style article explores just that question. At least in New York, the article reports that shockingly dyed locks can be displayed in conservative looks quite well. A look previously donned only by chick rockers like Avril Lavigne and rebellious punk teens is now becoming quite common – as well as commonly accepted.

Some people call me nuts, but I think this is great.

I always wish I was brave enough to add a splash of wild color permanently to my mane – but I’m always too worried it would deem me unprofessional if I did.

What do you think, can bold color be conservative? Or does it make your image lose credibility?

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