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As you may or may not have realized by now, I am obsessed with braids – and who can blame me, they are not only fun to create and so versatile, but they are all the rage right now.

So, I came across a picture of someone with this elaborate braid incorporated into a ponytail – braided down the side of her head – and it had FIVE count ’em FIVE strands.

I was in awe. Have you ever seen something this cool? It reminds me of those friendship bracelets me and my friends used to make each other when we were little! Definitely unique.

I have tried it out, and it does take a little practice to master.

You start your braid wherever you want it in typical braid fashion – with three pieces. Then, you draw in to extra pieces from each side, winding them into your braid. Next, you continue to add in pieces, winding them back and forth down the braid as you add into it. The step-by-step is complicated, so instead of trying to get this by reading, check out this video how to:

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