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Clipless curling irons are becoming increasingly popular because of their versatility and wonderful results. The reason you turn to a clipless curling iron is because it creates a different curl than your iron with a clip.

Always wanted Taylor Swift worthy curls but can’t figure out how to style them? Have a hard time creating loose, casual looking waves, and instead end up with stiff looking, prom curls that fall out throughout the day and end up looking lifeless?

A clipless iron may be the solution you need.

Let’s start by looking at the different types of clipless curling irons out there. Just like regular irons with a clip, clipless irons come in different thicknesses, but they also come in different shapes as well. Let’s take a peek at a few top clipless curling irons and you’ll see what I mean.

The first iron pictured is the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron, listed at Folica for $119.99. As you can see, it has a straight barrel. This will create even, consistent curls. The second, the Hot Tools Tapered Iron, listed at Folica for $49.99, will create a more dynamic look with curls that tighten towards the bottom. A third, very interesting option is the Enzo Reverse Tapered Iron, listed at Folica for $119.99, which has the taper directed the opposite way.

Now, how is it that you curl with an iron without a clip? Easy, you wrap just your hair around the base. Hold the iron pointing down towards your shoulder, separate a piece, wrap it around the barrel, and hold until heated.

Something to consider when using a clipless iron is that when you do wrap it, your hair will naturally twist as it wraps around – this creates the different type of curl such as how Taylor Swift hair is so popularly styled.

You can achieve a basic curl just like you would with a barrel that has a clip, you just need to pay attention to untwist the hair as you wrap it around the iron so the strand lays flat.

For a visual on curling with a clipless iron, and how to create a twisted curl or a flattened curl as we just discussed, check out this great YouTube clip:

Happy Curling!

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