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Property of Hair Romance

By Australian Blogger, Christina from Hair Romance

Australia has almost 20,000km of coastline and 90% of Australians living along the coast, so we’re all about the beach. It’s no surprise one of the most popular hair looks is beach hair.

Christmas is one of the hottest times of the year in Australia and we love to spend the holidays at the beach.

Beach hair tips:

  • Always keep a leave in conditioner spray in your beach bag. It’s the one product I’m never without on the beach as it will help stop any tangles and soften your salty hair.
  • Hats are sun smart & stylish on the beach–but to avoid hat hair buy a hat one size bigger so it’s not to tight on your hair. That way you won’t end up with helmet-like hair.

Property of Hair Romance

How to get beach hair when you’re not at the beach:

  • To get those loose messy waves use a sea salt spray to add that texture the sea gives your hair.
  • Spray a sea salt spray onto dry hair and scrunch to form loose waves.
  • If your hair is really straight, use a curling wand to curl sections loosely to create waves.

Australian girls are easygoing and laid back. We don’t over style our hair, and ponytails and top knots are our favourite everyday styles.

Property of Hair Romance

However for the party season, you can’t beat a braided up-do. Australian girls love to party!

Check our more braided styles and beach hair tips at her website:

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