Global Beauty: A View From Pakistan Leave a comment

By Our Contributor in Pakistan, Sarah Khan

Accessorize! It’s what all the fashion gurus say is imperative for you to make a style statement. Here in Pakistan, girls believe the best accessory is one they already have- their hair. All you need to do is improvise: whether to wear your hair up or down, straight or curled, go natural or add in some color for some extra spunk.

Girls here, however, face a rather frustrating problem when it comes to hair. The harsh weather can aggravate conditions for even the best head of hair. The hot summers induce unnecessary frizz and the cooler winters bring about a dead, static feel to the hair not to mention excess dryness. As exacerbating as these hair problems may be, girls all over Pakistan continue to indulge in expensive hair products and styling equipment especially strengtheners.

From a cultural perspective, girls here are encouraged to keep long hair and with the potential problems that come with the weather, this can sometimes turn in to a dilemma. Managing unkempt hair is something the majority of the hair-obsessed female population has learnt to deal with from hand-me-down tips that have stayed in families for centuries. Everything from oiling using mustard/almond oil to herbal treatments such as scalp masks of a mixture of mint crushed in lemon juice and an assortment of other treatments that use common place ingredients such as yogurt and egg are all prevalent in hair treatment processes. It’s rather surprising to note how these home-made treatments dominate professional salon treatments to this day.

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