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By Zelo Contributor, Ritusmita Biswas

In India, long tresses are equivalent to beauty. So most Indian women are keen to maintain long shiny tresses that they feel would attract the attention of others. However, given the climatic conditions inIndia, maintaining long tresses is indeed a challenge.

The dust, the humidity, the heat and the pollution makes it impossible to flaunt a black cascade that is silky and flowing. A proper hair care regime is essential for any woman residing in India who is keen show off her healthy and shiny air. Modern Indian women are conscious about this fact and thus spend a significant portion of their time and money on hair grooming.

A recent fancy among urban Indian women is hair straightening. One can either opt for a permanent straightening or go for a temporary one. Permanent straightening is done with the use of keratin for 6000-8000 bucks ($115-$150) while the temporary do, usually done with irons, is a cheaper option. However, when it comes to beauty and hair care, Indian women are seldom miserly. No hankering on a penny!

As far as hair is concerned, Indian women have gone rather bold with experiments. They like colouring their hair in bold hues to get the unconventional look and they also change their hair cuts frequently. A latest trend is to opt for vegetable-based colours, which add glow to one’s hair and also enhances the hair quality. Intense, curly locks are also a hot option.

For Indian women, hair is a prime attribute that defines beauty. So they do not spare any effort to take care of it.

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