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Colorful hair, or “scene hair” as the kids call it, is all the rage these days. From the runways, to pop stars, the new emos, to the Hunger Games enthusiasts, everybody is rocking fun and playful colors in their hair this Spring.

Cheap color clip-ins are fun and easy, but they don’t handle styling and heat very well. Quality clip- ins are made with premium hair and can be bleached, re- colored, styled, etc., and pretty much lasts forever, BUT they can be expensive; Sephora’s quality color clip-in line costs $22 per 2 grams!

With hair (extensions,etc.) it’s always better to buy in ounces. Working with wide wefts means you can make entire rows of solid clip-ins or break it up into numerous 1 1/2-inch highlights. Since I had a few ounces of hair lying about the house (literally), and was feeling crafty (but not in the tricky way), I decided to DIY-myself these fabulous colorful clip-in extensions.

What you’ll need:

1. Some wefts of hair (weave, as I like to call it) Any color is fine. See below for how-to bleach it*

2. Temporary Hair Dye: I used Manic Panic “Cotton Candy” pink and Color Jamz in Aquamarine

3. A pack of snap-clips for extensions (available at Sally’s Beauty Supply)

4. Needle & Thread

Step 1: Assuming you’re working with light blonde hair*, using a brush and non- metallic bowl, distribute the temporary dye on each side of freshly washed hair. (Manic Panic: blow dry hair completely before dying. Color Jamz: towel dry). Leave dye in for 25 mins and rinse thoroughy.

Color Tip: Manic Panic was the superior color choice. Color Jamz ( Aquamarine) took forever to rinse,bled all over my towels and T-shirt, and then promptly turned green the minute I flat ironed it while MP’s “Cotton Candy” colored the hair perfectly.

Step 2: Decide how wide you want your extensions ( a row vs. highlights). For highlights, cut the weft into 1 1/2 inch pieces.

Step 3: Sew the wefts to the snap clips. The brand from Sally’s comes with guiding holes for your needle and thread so it’s VERY easy.

Fun stuff, right? Now go color yourself some extensions!

*Tips for bleaching dark hair blonde:

It’s a two-step bleaching process to lighten dark hair to light blonde. Chances are you’ll go through every spectrum of brass and yellow before you reach your golden destination. You’ll need a few scoops of bleach, 40 developer, and foil. Process the hair for about 1 hour max, then rinse, CONDITION, and dry. Repeat the bleaching process for another 30 mins to an hour.

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