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5. Red Hair

In 2011, everyone took a stop at red on their tour de hair colors. From Khloe Kardashian to Blake Lively to Katty Perry, everyone’s year seemed to start out with red intentions.

Unfortunately the trend didn’t seem to stick–though this blogger is still a redhead considering defecting. I’ve ombred and I’ve color blocked. Now I’m keeping my eyes on the upcoming 2012 trends for my next hair color; I never stick with one style too long.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

4. The Top Knot

Property Of Cosmopolitan

From the streets of Paris and NYC to the red carpet, the top knot has been a HUGE trend in 2011. It’s an effortless style that hides even the worst of bad hair days, and it’s easily glammed up with bit of mouse and jewelry.

3. Braids

Braided updos added a touch of romance and whimsy to our tresses this summer and Holiday season. One of my favorite hair bloggers, Hair Romance, does the most amazing braid tutorials and styles. I’m simply amazed by how creative everyone’s getting with braids this year.

Since the styles are endless, I don’t see this hair trend stopping anytime soon.

Check out our tutorial: How-To: Double Waterfall Braid.

2. Ombré

Really, who didn’t ombré their hair this year?! Ombré, or bleaching the hair with a gradient effect from the roots to ends, was a massive hit in 2011. Everybody went ombré; a part of what made it so popular was that it was soo easy to DIY. Power bloggers and youtubers flooded to internet with tutorials and neat tips for getting that perfect golden gradient. AND, it was a great way go blonde without committing to bleaching your roots. I was really so sad to see this trend go. Ombré was definitely one of my favorite hair trends.

1. Bangs

Our #1 pick is probably no surprise. Bangs have completely taken off in 2011, and I don’t see this trend going anywhere in 2012. Though absolutely every celebrity has taken a ride on the bang train, bangs are still making their way into mainstream. Unlike the other 4 trends, bangs a pretty drastic. I still hardly recognize my face in the mirror with them some days! Plus, growing them out can take months. Not to mention if your stylists makes one bad snip…!

Luckily there are so many bang-aids out there from clip ins to trimming tools. Check out our post about picking the right fringes for your face shape.

Overall, 2011 has seen some bold hair trends, though not all were a hit. Let’s not even mention feather extensions or blue highlights… With so many women putting more effort into their greatest accessory : their hair, who knows what 2012 will bring!

Happy New Year, Readers! Thanks for reading and commenting on our blog. We look forward to another great year of trends and tutorials and hopefully more international contributors. 

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