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I am dying to reduce the appearance of my cellulite. I read somewhere that coffee grinds can help? Is this for real? I would love to not spend money on creams that don’t work.

Myth Buster’s Answer: YES!

Cellulite is considered by many to be genetic while others say it’s gravity at work, but as we age, some of us just get it and some of us don’t. There are many ways we try to decrease the appearance of cellulite – leg lifts, creams, cardio, etc – all of which can make a difference. When I first got asked this question about coffee grinds reducing cellulite, I thought there was no way. I love coffee in my cup, but on thighs? My doubts were proven wrong once I did some research.

Coffee grinds, as I have found, do work as another topical treatment to try. According to an article on Shine and their source, Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, it really can work because of the caffeine component of coffee.

The secret, according to this article, is the fact that caffeine “pulls water to the area”, thus diminishing cellulite’s lumpy appearance.

Crazy! They also provide a recipe for application: “Mix ¼ to ½ cup coffee grounds (used ones from your coffeemaker are fine) with approximately 2 Tbsp of extra- virgin olive oil and massage into the affected areas, trying to get as much to stick as possible. Cover the area in plastic wrap and let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.”

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