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I have a really bad sunburn and my friend told me to add black tea to a bath and soak in it. Does it really work?

Myth Buster’s Answer: YES!

The sun is stronger than ever, and getting a sunburn can really put a damper on your summer fun. When we get burned, most of us turn to aloe vera, which can be effective but only for so long. A time honored technique is to take a soak in some black tea, which might seem strange, but yes, it absolutely works.

Tannic acid in strong black tea relieves pain while also taking away the itch.

To use this technique, brew about a quart of very strong black tea and simply add to a warm bath and soak. For additional sunburn care, stay away from harsh soaps which can strip your skin of moisture and slow down healing. Stick to moisturizing body washes and lots of lotion and you will be back at the beach in no time.

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