Balayage Vs. Ombre. Do You Know The Difference? Leave a comment

Ombré, Balayage…what’s in a name? Is it all the same thing?

Balayage is the new hottest color trend that everyone is running to the salon to get. It looks an awfully lot like an ombré, and doing a Google image search doesn’t really help to clarify the difference.

What is Ombré?

Ombré is a color style that has a subtle gradation from one color to the next, usually from a person’s natural root color to a lighter blonde at the end.

Notice the different shades of color in our own DIY Ombré on the left. The color flows from dark brown to blonde in different levels along the hair. Many “ombré” hairstyles out there don’t really have any graduation, which we would debate is not really ombré at all.

The color gradient comes from the application technique. Get the at home tutorial now. Check out our DIY Ombré Tutorial.

What about Balayage?

Balayage is not so much of a hair color as it is a hair coloring technique where instead of using highlighting foils, the stylist hand paints the lightener onto the hair without really saturating it. The end results is a very subtle, sun-kissed look. Technically a balayage can be an ombré and and ombré can be balayage. The balayage is the technique and the ombré is the outcome.

Last Tips: An ombré is a really fun and easy color to achieve at home. A balayage takes technique and experience. Definitely ask a stylist who is trained on the latest hair color trends for do this one.

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