Are Salons Being Smart About Formaldehyde In Keratin Treatments? Leave a comment

The Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization founded in 1993 dedicated to bringing health aware facts to consumers, asked salons how they were handling the growing concern surrounding the high Formaldehyde content in many keratin straightening treatments.

Despite recent health reports, 28 of the 41 salons polled (these salons were selected from a top 100 list of salons in the U.S.) still provided keratin straightening treatments with products proven to contain some level of Formaldehyde.

The majority of the excuses for still providing these treatments involve pure denial of levels of Formaldehyde in the products they are using.

If you are considering an in-salon keratin treatment, be aware of which product your stylist is using, and look online for the cold hard facts. Keratin products with nothing to hide will post both their air and liquid test results on their website, or provide them to you upon request.

Also, consider the benefits of an at-home keratin treatment. Many kits contain the same grade of keratin product you can get in a salon, and then you have the piece of mind that you know you applying a safe product to your hair.

What are your thoughts on this ever present issue?

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