Are Keratin Treatment Brands Lying About “Formaldehyde-Free”? Leave a comment

Brazilian Blowout, one of the top names in hair straightening treatments and also one of the top names criticized in the recent Formaldehyde scandal, received its first official warning from the FDA at the end of last month claiming that it’s Brazilian Blowout, labeled “Formaldehyde-Free”, is “misbranded”. According to the statement, Brazilian Blowout contains the liquid form of Formaldehyde, methylene glycol, which releases Formaldehyde gas when heated during the ironing process to seal the keratin treatment onto the hair.

Many have not been duped by Brazilian Blowout’s misleading “Formaldehyde-Free” label, however, this is giving all keratin treatments a bad rap. As a result of many companies still using ingredients that when heated still release toxic gas, the label of “Formaldehyde-Free” is no longer trusted.

Are there safe keratin treatments on the market?

Answer: there ARE safe keratin treatments on the market. Brazilian Blowout is definitely not the only option if you want to get a salon treatment, and there are plenty of safe at home treatments as well. Although Brazilian Blowout is a type of keratin treatments, not ALL keratin treatments are the Brazilian Blowout and the majority out there are now 100% Formaldehyde-Free, even when heated. They key is looking past the “Formaldehyde-Free” label on bottles and reading the ingredients. The real danger lies in when the keratin treatment is sealed with a straightening iron at upwards of 400 degrees Fahrenheit – this is when Formaldehyde gas is released into the air.

What ingredients do I need to look out for?

I get this question a lot: So how do I know a keratin treatment is good/safe? It’s all about awareness and to know which ingredients are red flags that this company is not being honest when they say their product is safe.

Harsh, Formaldehyde Gas Releasing Ingredients that You Should Avoid:

  • Aldehyde
  • Urea
  • Methyl or Methylene Glycol

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