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By Zelo Contributor, Shelby Marcus Ocana

As an American living in Paris, I soon learned the importance of beauty to Parisian women. From an early age, the French are taught to take good care of their hair. It’s quite common to see young girls in a hair salon perched on a chair getting their hair cut and styled next to their mom. Hair care is extremely important in the French culture, but like most women around the world, French girls don’t have much time to curl or straighten their hair in the morning. Although European French women are mostly born with naturally straight and glossy hair, the rate of immigration has doubled over the past years bringing in many women from North Africa whose hair is curly and more unruly. Wishing to look more like their “European sisters”, North African women use different methods to straighten their hair. Flat ironing and keratin blowouts are two of the many ways women who aren’t born with naturally straight hair use to achieve the glam look.

Tony and Guy Salon in Paris

The average French woman sets aside a budget for her trips to the salon, typically spending 50 euros per month on hair care. In Paris, hair salons are numerous and there are many famous stylists who have set up shop. You can find a hair salon on every single block of the nation’s capital, and many women pop in for a quick shampoo and blow-dry to maintain their sleek look before going out at night. That being said, budget is always a concern and more and more Parisians are taking hair matters in their own hands and doing their hair at home with various types of flat irons. For women who don’t want to flatiron their hair everyday, (and who has time for that?), keratin straightening kits are hitting the market and proving to be very popular.

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