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1940’s hair is all about sculpted waves and coiffed curls. Hollywood stars like Veronica Lake, famous for her signature polished waves and deep side part, always looked as if hurricane winds couldn’t blow a single curl out of place.

Taking some notes from the 40’s, I decided to show you guys a simple, everyday look that channels old Hollywood glam.

Three beauty tools you need for achieving this look are: A traditional clip-curling iron, MOUSE/hairspray, bobby pins, and hair gloss to polish it off.

Start by curling the ends of your hair in sections. Don’t just curl the very ends; curl the short layers as well ( this is where the hairspray comes in. You want the curls to look a bit stiff and very defined). Do a side part and (using mouse) brush it sleekly to the side above your forehead. Press your pointer to above your temple and wrap about an inch of hair around it 2-3 times–take your finger out and pin your hair in place. From there just brush your curls out slightly and polish the look off with gloss.

Voila! If you don’t look like a 40’s movie star, you’ll at least look like a 40’s chorus girl, for sure!

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