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Get bombshell body like Kim Kardashian in just a few easy steps! Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Gaining and maintaining volume in your hair can be a difficult feat. I have long, elbow length hair, and it doesn’t take much to get my hair to wilt throughout a busy day no matter what the weather.

If you share my pain of having fine or thinner hair that requires some extra TLC – read on – I’ll show you how you can combat flat hair with just a few little tweaks in your hair care regimen.

1. Only Use Conditioner on your Ends

Lasting volume starts at your roots. Conditioners do nothing to benefit your scalp or roots because your scalp naturally produces oils that are plenty enough to condition your roots. Rub conditioner from the middle of your strands to the roots, and skip the rest. It’s only adding weight to your hair.

2. Use the Cool Setting on Your Hair Dryer

I use the cool setting on my hair dryer up to three times a day, starting with my initial styling in the morning. Once I’m done blow drying with heat, I swap over to my trusty cool setting, flip my hair upside down, and blast it with a nice breeze, tousling my hair with my fingers to separate the strands. Not only does this set your style by cooling your hair down after it’s been heated up, but it also adds air pockets that give your hair a boost. Repeat this throughout the day if you are in need of a pick-me-up.

3. Part Your hair Differently

Our hair is a creature of habit, and once it begins to settle in to a part, it really begins to settle down as well. Shake up where you part your hair as much as possible, and if you find your hair wilting at any given time, switch up your part mid-day to create a quick lift.

4. Use Protein-Containing Shampoos and Conditioners

It isn’t a secret that adding protein-laden ingredients to hair products increases hair thickness and body. Just check the labels on shampoos and conditioners claiming to give your hair a boost and you’ll find that many of them will contain ingredients like soy, rice, or even milk.

5. Use a Rounded Brush

Flat brushes are true to their namesake – they are only going to make your hair flatter. Blow dry your hair with a rounded brush instead, starting at the root and brushing upwards, away from your scalp to create volume right at the base of your hair.

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