5 Great Christmas Gifts Under $20 Leave a comment

1. Trendy Novel- $15.00

Movie adaptations are on the rise, and bestsellers are getting trendier and trendier. These days you’re just not cool if your bookshelf doesn’t include the latest best seller turned movie, so why not get your history buff Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, or Jane Austen lover, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. Trendy novels are a great holiday gift idea that’s relatively cheap, and though I am a hard copy purist, digital copies for the Nook and Kindle tend to be even less money. You can even schedule a wireless delivery on Christmas day!

2. Embossed Faux Croc Handbag- $19.80- Forever 21

Your stylish friend who changes her handbag several times a day will love you for getting her this fabulously cheap yet surprisingly well made bag from Forever21. I’m a handbag fanatic and that store definitely keeps my wallet in check with their fashionable bags that don’t feel inferior in quality.

3. Mini Makeup Palette- $15 – Sephora

Eyeshadow, lipstick, AND blush for under $20!? Sephora’s makeup can be very pricey but this little kit is an excellent gift for everyone.

4. Slatkin & Co. Candle -$20- Bath & Body Works (2/$20 right now)

Slatkin & Co. makes quality candles with interesting scents like Mahogany Teakwood and Winter Night. Usually I draw the line at $20 for a candle, but at 2/$20, that’s one awesome, wallet saving gift for a friend or coworker. A tip for gifting candles: Stay away from the common scents that can be found everywhere and go for the high end ’boutique’ scents like Black Pepper Bergamot.

5. Zelo’s Velvet Hair Gloss- $16.20- HSN

This is one gift you might want to get for yourself! For the girl with hair with discriminating taste, this organic, Amazonian oil and mineral filled gloss is the perfect stocking stuffer, hands down.

Happy Holidays everyone. We love and appreciate our readers and we hope you all have a wonderful holiday and an even more amazing New Year!

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