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It’s happened to all of us – you forgot to set your alarm, or worse, you did – but the power went out in the middle of the night, or your trusty phone ran out of batteries in the middle or your slumber and you have overslept. For an hour. For me, this just happened this morning – and it prompted me to want to share a few of my techniques for looking good last minute – and hear what crazy tricks you’ve done to get ready in the knick of time!

So today, I was woken up by a text message. After groggily fumbling for my phone, thinking to myself “who on earth is communicating with me this early, they are so dead”, I look at the screen and realize I’m supposed to be leaving for work in fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes! I had totally forgotten to reset my alarm the night before. Desperate times calls for a few desperate measures.

Let me take you through my 15-minute-holy-cow-I-am-late beauty routine.

1. Speed shower

If you have ever gone to camp or lived in a sorority house, you know that shower time is like gold. Luckily, after being in both of these situations throughout life, I am now conditioned to take a shower in under four minutes. Little tip: shampoo can be used for almost anything when you are in a rush.

2. Turn to a Trusty Outfit

When I have no time to think about what I’m going to wear, I usually think back a week or two and repeat an outfit. Not always ideal, especially if you like variety in your wardrobe, but at least you know you’ll look put together, and hopefully by the time two weeks have passed you’ve done your laundry.

3. Minimal Makeup

I use Bare Minerals for most of my makeup, and that stuff is a process to layer on in the morning. When I have less than a minute, I go straight for three things: powder, bronzer, mascara. I concentrate on problem areas with the powder: around my eyes and my T-zone, add a little bronzer to my cheeks and add a sun kissed swipe down my nose, and lift my lashes with a little mascara. It’s not going to make me look photo-shoot ready, but it will at least tide me over until lunch.

4. Blow Dry in the Car

I realized with minutes left until I needed to be heading out, my hair was still dripping wet. With no time for a proper blow dry, I fluffed my damp hair with a towel to remove most of the moisture, grabbed my work bag, and headed to the car. Turning my A/C to a tolerable temperature, I full blasted it right towards my head, combing through with my fingers. Hey, I warned you these were desperate measures, right?

5. Easy Hairstyle

Once my hair was pretty much dry, since I was without any styling tools, I twisted my hair into a low, messy bun. I was then presentable, professional, and ready to tackle my day – with only 15 minutes of preparation.

What crazy things have you done to get ready fast?

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