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Question: What can I add to my ends so they won’t look dry?

One of the most widespread hair battles we all encounter at least once in a lifetime has to do with the ends of our hair. Whether it’s ends drying out and creating unwanted frizz, split ends, or breakage – we all deal with it. This is because as we style, brush, whip our hair back and forth, you name it – the very ends of our hair have seen the most tress stress.

Check out three of our tips for keeping your ends looking fresh!

Trim Your Ends Regularly

It is recommended you get your ends cut at least every six to eight weeks, so if you find yourself fretting over dried and split ends, take a peek at your calendar and try to remember your last trim.

Condition Like It’s Your Job

Conditioning is important – but how you condition is more important. If your ends are looking bad, consider adding conditioner to your ends in the shower before you shampoo, let it sit for five minutes, and then shampoo and conditioner as you usually do. Also, consider adding a weekly moisturizing hair mask to your beauty regimen. Check out our earlier post on avocado recipes for hair to get some inspiration.

Use a Gloss

When all else fails, adding a little bit of hair gloss, such as Zelo’s Velvet Gloss, will add shine to ends and make them look less dry. Be careful to only use a little, because most glosses are very thick and just a little bit will go a long way.

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